Heerlen, NL, May 2nd, 2017

Open call: Incubation Program for Innovative Blockchain startups!

Brightlands Innovation Factory is launching a unique and tailor-made Incubation Program for innovative Blockchain startups! The program will take place inside Techruption, a dedicated co-creation zone in the Brightlands Smart Services Campus Heerlen. This campus is the heart of Blockchain development. An open call for startups to participate is open! 

At the Brightlands campusses, the startups have access to large multinationals, corporates, SME's, students and researchers to develop services in co-creation. For the Brightlands Smart Services Campus this includes energy companies, telecom providers, big financial institutions like banks and pension funds, Insurance companies, local and regional government, universities and much more.

Why Blockchain?     

Blockchain is the ultimate disruptor, that will impact the world on a similar or even bigger level than the rise of the internet. It's a universal database, that all people, devices & businesses will use to have a standardized source of truth & means of transaction. Such as financial transactions, transaction of ownership, or auditable traces of certain actions like in supply chains & logistics. Thereby empowering us to leverage all this data & the relation between it, to come up with new, more insightful & transparent services, to improve our quality of life on a global level.

The Blockchain Incubation Program

The Brightlands Techruption Incubation Program is focused primarily on transforming a rough idea to a fully validated & scalable business model, while in constant collaboration with industry experts and real future partners and clients. During, and after, the program the startups have access to a high-quality knowledge and expertise network provided by experts from a large network from Brightlands Innovation Factory, Techruption and partners such as PGGM, KPN New Business, Province of Limburg, CBS, CZ, Eneco, TNO, Accenture, APG, BNY Mellon, Chamber of Commerce, De Volksbank (formerly known as SNS Bank), IBM, Rabobank, BISS (University of Maastricht, Open University and Hogeschool Zuyd) and Zuyderland Medical Center.

The Incubation Program consists of two parts: Venture Essentials (8 weeks) and Venture Boost (maximum of 2 years). Venture Essentials emphasizes the development and tightening of a business model.

If you are selected for the program you will receive:

- 7.5K EUR cash to help you get going;        

- 52,5K EUR in-kind funding;

- A relevant network of experts, partners and clients;

- Access to facilities at Brightlands;

- Free office space during the program.

For whom?

Brightlands Innovation Factory and Techruption are looking for startups that deal with Blockchain technology. The startups must meet the following conditions: 

- The project is still early stage;

- Blockchain is an essential part of the solution;

- The solution should be repeatable and scalable;

- The innovation should be in the area of Sustainable Energy, Supply Chains, Social Impact or Fintech;

- 1 founder is able to be fulltime present to participate in the Venture Essentials part of the program (8 weeks at Techruption Heerlen, Sep 2017 - Oct 2017).


- May 1st 2017: Application opens    

- Jun-Jul 2017: First selection rounds    

- Aug 2017: Final selection    

- Sep 4th 2017: Start of the Venture Essentials Program    

- End of Oct 2017: End of the Venture Essentials Program, followed by a big event with all stakeholders of Brightlands and Techruption    

- Nov 2017 Onwards for a maximum of 2 years:  Venture Boost program. Montly masterclasses, 1-on-1 sessions and more.


Techruption, Brightlands Smart Services Campus Heerlen (Netherlands)

Apply now!


Vince Meens, Blockchain Entrepreneur Brightlands: "A single organisation or sector, can no longer solve global challenges on its own. Blockchain promises to be the technology that will connect us all, and create trust across organizations & geographical borders, to empower us to work together so we can tackle these global challenges, and turn them into sustainable solutions. That's exactly what Brightlands is about as well."

Han van den Akker, Program Director Techruption: "Startups form an essential  part of a healthy Techruption ecosystem in which large and small companies, multinationals and knowledge institutions work together and innovate. We offer them a unique development program and access to relevant knowledge and business networks of the Techruption community to startup their blockchain driven business.

Léon Klinkers, CEO Brightlands Innovation Factory: "Brightlands Innovation Factory is the place at Brightlands where startups turn bold ideas into legendary companies. This Incubation Program explicitly targets startups in Blockchain technology. Coaching, networking, venturing are key elements of this journey that can bring you to knowledge, markets as well as to investors you aim for."  

Peter Verkoulen, CEO Brightlands Smart Services Campus: "Brightlands Smart Services Campus is proud to be the home of the Techruption community and this challenging incubation program. We offer startups from all over the globe, state of the art facilities and welcome them in our vibrant Brightlands community of scientists, entrepreneurs, young professionals and students."   

Twan Beurskens, Regional Minister of Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure for the Province of Limburg: "Techruption is one of the new pillars of Brightlands, connecting knowledge and networks of four Brightlands campuses, and creating new opportunities for crossovers and innovations. For blockchain startups an inspiring base to explore this entrepreneurial region, as well as new business opportunities offered by the grand challenges of our times."  

About Techruption

In Techruption, large and small corporations, organizations, startups and scientific institutes collaborate on technological innovations around Blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart solutions to counteract (the effects of) climate change. Techruption is part of the diverse ecosystem at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. Participants of Techruption are PGGM, KPN New Business, Province of Limburg, CBS, CZ, Eneco, TNO, Accenture, APG, BNY Mellon, Chamber of Commerce, De Volksbank (formerly known as SNS Bank), IBM, Rabobank, BISS (University of Maastricht, Open University and Hogeschool Zuyd) and Zuyderland Medical Center.  

About Brightlands Innovation Factory

Brightlands Innovation Factory guides startups from pioneering ideas to successful companies. The unique premise of Brightlands Innovation Factory is that it helps startups throughout the whole life cycle: from the very first idea to a succesful scaleup (Incubation, Acceleration, Validation, Scaleup). These are startups that are active in the four focus man focus areas of the Brightlands campuses: Smart IT Services and Big Data (Heerlen), Chemicals and Materials (Sittard-Geleen), Health (Maastricht)  and Nutrition (Venlo). In addition, Brightlands Innovation Factory works with other partners like Topsport Limburg and Research and Business cluster Paris-Saclay in France.  

About Brightlands 

Brightlands is a collaboration for open innovation in health and sustainability in the Province of Limburg, The Netherlands. Researches, entrepreneurs, investors and students develop new solutions on four fast growing campuses. Solutions in the field of materials, health, nutrition and smart services. Here at Brightlands, they find exactly what they need for personal and professional growth: knowledge, unique R&D-technology, state of the art facilities and a global atmosphere. Brightlands hosts more than 200 companies and organizations with a total amount of 12.000 knowledge workers and over 8000 students of different nationalities. They go all the way to turn their bold ideas into solutions for the future of all of us.


Note for editors

For more information, please contact: 

Brightlands Innovation Factory  

Léon Klinkers, CEO  

Email: leon.klinkers@brightlands.com  www.brightlandsinnovationfactory.com   


Han van den Akker, Program Director Techruption

Tel. +31 (0)6 12264856

Email: han.vandenakker@brightlands.com            


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About Brightlands Innovation Factory

Brightlands Innovation Factory is the entrepreneurial backbone of the Brightlands ecosystems. We get inspired by daring ideas for a better and more sustainable world. We empower today’s pioneers in advanced materials, health, nutrition, and smart services on their journey from a bold idea to a legendary company.

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